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New Argentines Arrive in the Western Carolina Mountains

Welcome to Angels Way Llamas!

Since 1998, Angels Way has been proud to offer Llamas for sale, herd sires for stud services, fibers for hand spinners, yarn, and finished clothing and textiles for sale.

We are committed to offering the healthiest Llamas and the best quality fibers. Llamas are wonderful animals for companionship, as helpers for teaching and therapy, for backpacking and trekking, as show animals, and guard animals. Their wool fibers are supremely soft and warm for woven goods. Llamas are beautiful and elegant, easy and inexpensive to care for, gentle and docile, intelligent and easy to train, fun to be with. Few livestock animals can compare with their qualities.

male llamas-Kuzco,Bandit,Hiceka,Rob Roy

Argentines have arrived in the North Carolina Mountains!

Argentine llamas are a unique breed, originating in a region of Argentina bordering on Chile. They have a distinctive appearance, with a larger bone structure and robust body. Their feet and lower legs are covered in bushy fibers. These llamas are prolific producers of dense, fine wool, of high consistency. Argentines are fast becoming a popular choice for both the fibers and the show ring.

At Angels Way, we'd love to introduce you to the world to Llamas. Contact us if you are looking to start a herd, add to your herd, need a guard animal, would like to purchase fibers for spinning, or perhaps a one-of-a-kind piece of the most exquisite outerwear you'll ever own. Come by for a visit, and we're sure you'll want to take home a Llama when you leave!

Please call us at 828-777-4083 or send an e-mail to janalfox@hughes.net.
We would love hear from you!

Angels Way farm in June

Angels Way Llamas 385 Angels Way, Mars Hill, NC 28754   828-777-4083   janalfox@hughes.net