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Foundation Females

Rebano Escondia Nubia
Date of birth: 05/06/2005
ILR# 261380
is a very statuesque female, standing over 6 feet tall.  She is the Daughter of the Renowned Argentine Kobra.  She displays the fine dense Red fiber, typical of the Argentine. Nubia Placed as Grand Champion Argentine Female in the 2009 VA Classic.


Sire: Argentine Kobra

  Argentine Arica
  Rebano Escondido Pacifico

Dam: Rebano Escondido Nubi

  Rebano Escondido Nubarron

Adela Rica
Date of birth: 05/28/2003
ILR# 254682

Adela is Bred to Argentine Kornerstone 

  El Marcado

Sire: No Joke ABSR

  SR Sno-Joke
  Selby's Wooly Brown

Dam: Selby's Melissa

  Selby's Tiffany

Date of birth: 07/22/2006
ILR# 268688

Bree is Bred to Argentine Kornerstone 

  The Peruvian Commodore

Sire: Peruvian Comet

  P496 Entre 82
  SRF Peruvian White Knight

Dam: Brandy ABSR

  SR Cinnaspot

Rakella Rica ABSR
Date of birth: 09/10/2009
ILR# 278248

Half Argentine daughter of Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone

  Argentine Kobra

Sire: Argentine Kobra's Kornerstone

  Argentine Chiquita
  No Joke ABSR

Dam: Adela Rica

  Selby's Melissa

Sapheria Bree ABSR
Date of birth: 08/11/2009
ILR# 278248

  Peruvian Vice

Sire: WSL Peruvian Komotion

  White Star's Peruvian Jezebel
  Peruvian Comet

Dam: Adela Rica

  Brandy ABSR


Sarmiento’s Katalina
Date of birth: 09/23/2003
ILR# 251999
Kat is half Argentine with strong heavy bone and very thick and dense fiber.


Argentine Saltarin

Sire: Argentine Sarmiento


Argentine Quique


G.L.L. Snow King

Dam: Princess Kaitlyn


G.L.L. Panola

Angels Way Llamas 385 Angels Way, Mars Hill, NC 28754  828-777-4083  janalfox@hughes.net